Quamar’s Resources

As promised, we only bring you the most relevant information about health and most especially orthopedics. We value reader experience, that’s why we make sure that we earn your trust, by sharing knowledge approved by the experts.

To expand our understanding about health and orthopedics, we asked the help of some of the most reliable health sites on the internet. Here are our resources for some of our contents:


Prevention is a trusted website that primarily talks about health. As what their site name suggests, they specialize in providing prevention tips and helpful advice for healthy living. The also discuss fitness, beauty and diet and nutrition.

Medicine Net

Medicine Net is an online healthcare publishing company that provides relevant information and current news surrounding the health sector. They explain various diseases and disorders from A to Z. They bring the most highly-accomplished and uniquely experienced executives who are proficient in the fields of healthcare.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic has over 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers who contributed to their health care website, to provide their online consumers helpful guide about health. Apart from health education, this organization supports researchers to expand the knowledge of medical care.


WebMD is basically your doctor on the web. They are the leading and trustworthy online healthcare companion that provides news and information about disorders, drugs, and supplements, as well as healthy lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition. Their site also has unique features like symptom checker and pill identifier, among others.