6 home remedies of treating dry scalp

The dry scalp has been something everyone has gone through at some point in their life. It is usually a mild condition that has been doing the rounds on everyone. But sometimes the condition gets chronic and results in chronic itchiness and the massive development of flakes which might even lead to hair fall. Some of the causes for the development of dry scalp are fungal infections, or conditions like eczema, frequent use of shampoo, or dandruff.

The condition is seen to be most common during the winter season when the scalp has the chance to get dry. The sebum oil is produced by the oil glands that are present at the bottom of the hair follicles. When the production of sebum oil decreases, it leads to the skin on the scalp becoming dry. This leads to the development of flakes and the scalp becoming extremely itchy. It is a mild condition but can develop into serious conditions if left untreated. But there are ways to get rid of the condition. It can be done by following three things, before, during, and after the washing of the scalp.

Here are some home remedies that can help to treat dry scalp.


Hair mask

It is recommended to moisture your scalp with oil before washing. Coconut oil is highly recommended due to its moisturising properties and its effect as a conditioner which helps to keep the scalp moisturised. The oil should be rubbed directly on the hair and scalp and left for about forty-five minutes to work its way through the scalp.


Scalp massage

It is important to prepare your scalp properly before shampooing. A soft bristled brush can be used to massage the scalp before the application of shampoo. This would help in removing the buildup of hair products, oil, and skin cells in the scalp. This will also help in the removal of dirt and dust from the scalp.


Medicated shampoo

For the severe condition of the dry scalp, it is important to use medicated shampoo that can help in the production of sebum to naturally moisturise the scalp. Shampoos that are gentle to be used on a daily basis are the best to resort to in such cases.


Moisturising/Detox shampoo

These help in removing the harmful toxin at the same time moisturising the scalp properly to remove the dryness and development of flakes.


Natural shampoo

These are good to stop oil buildup and eliminate the dryness in a gradual way. They are also known for their anti-bacterial and fungal properties which can also result in stopping dandruff too.


Spot Treatments

One of the worst things that a person can do is over washing the scalp. This would leave it dry, flaky, and itchy. This can be stopped by the application of hair lotions that will keep the scalp moisturised throughout the day.

Products with neem leaf extracts are great as it is one of the best providers of moisturisation for the scalp. It can also stop the scaling around the hairline. Make sure to conduct a doctor in case none of these work.

7 ways to prevent cold sores using the magic of nature

Cold sores can ruin your Friday night as you won’t look your best when you will head for the club. It can also be painful. Cold sores are caused by a virus called herpes simplex. The infection is contagious. It can get transferred to other people through body fluids. You can get some over-the-counter medicines for cold sores. But you can also use the magic of nature to heal your infection. Here are ten ways you can prevent cold sores.

Put on ice

If you notice any symptom of a cold sore, place an ice immediately over the affected area. Do this repeatedly and you will see that the infection is slowly going away. As the sore needs, warm environment for growing, putting ice will make the area cold and will reduce the chance of sore formation.

Place salt

Though many people will not like it, applying salt can prove to be very effective for preventing cold sore. You should take some salt in your damp fingers and put in on the affected area. It may be painful at first, but soon you will get used to the feeling.

Apply lemon balm

You can either apply lemon balm or fresh lemon slice over the affected region. You can also use a cotton balm to put the lemon juice on the cold sore. Repeat it a couple of times throughout the day.

Apply a tea bag

Tea bag soaked in hot water can prevent your cold sore. You should let the tea bag cool down before applying to the cold sore.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil has awesome healing properties. They will either stop the formation of cold sore or cure it once applied. You will get a quick result by using this oil.


Milk works like wonder. You should dab some milk in the affected area and see great results for yourself. Your pain will also decrease. Milk contains immunoglobulins that fight against viruses, so prevents infections from occurring.

Tea tree oil

It is a very good natural antibiotic. It can help to prevent your cold sore. It will also make the healing process faster if you have cold sores. It will kill the virus and prevent any breakout of the infection.

All these are natural ways of preventing cold sores. So, you won’t have any side effect. You should try one or more of these methods to prevent an outbreak of your infection.

Infographic by: yourremedy.com.au